Joe Calzaghe says he will learn from Ricky Hatton’s mistakes when he fights Bernard Hopkins in Las Vegas on April 19.

joe_calzaghe.jpgHatton struggled to keep his cool before and during his fight with Floyd Mayweather in December when he was dramatically knocked out in the 10th round.

Yet Calzaghe is sticking to his usual training routine in Wales as excitement builds ahead of the big fight on both sides of the Atlantic.

“Perhaps it got to Hatton a bit but you’ve got to keep your discipline and stay cool, calm and collected,” Calzaghe told the Western Mail.

“I’m excited about the fight now – and I’ve been told that the buzz is already there around it in Vegas – but I’m doing nothing different.

“My training doesn’t change and I don’t change. I feel under no more pressure than usual and it’s important to stay calm.

“I’ll get more focused as the fight nears and when I go over to Vegas I’ll keep away from the hustle and bustle of the strip.

“I’m relaxed, confident and I’m just going to do my business in the ring.”

Calzaghe says he made his mind up to fight in the United States when he went out to support Hatton in his bout with Mayweather in December.

“When I went out to Vegas for the Hatton fight that was what swayed my mind to make this happen.

“I saw the reception Ricky got and thought it would be shame not to sample that before I retire. It’s the challenge I wanted. I could easily have stayed at home and defended my title in Wales, but I wanted the challenge to test myself.

“That’s why I’m all about, to go outside my comfort zone and fight in the States where things might not go to plan with the judges or whatever.

“But my plan is to dominate Hopkins and make sure it’s not a close fight.”