Antonio Margarito plans to outwork Miguel Cotto in Saturday night’s huge Vegas showdown.

The Mexican challenges for Cotto’s WBA world welterweight title in what many believe could turn out to be the Fight of the Year at the MGM Grand.

And he knows that a fast start is essential to stop the unbeaten Puerto Rican getting into rhythm.

Margarito says he’s been employing those sort of tactics since his shock defeat by Paul Williams last year.

antonio_margarito.jpgHe told ESPN website: “During the fight he (Williams) wasn’t hurting me. He was just throwing punches, and I let him throw punches because he wasn’t hurting me. When I was watching the fight, I saw that he was just throwing more punches than me. That’s where I lost the fight.

“I wasn’t into the fight for those first few rounds, and that cost me. After I saw the tape I said, ‘that’s never going to happen to me again.'”

Last time out Margarito walked through everything Kermit Cintron could throw at him en route to a stoppage victory.

And on Saturday night he’ll need to show similar aggression and bravery if he’s to tame Cotto.

“I think it’s going to come down to whose rhythm we are going to dance to. I need to start my pace fast and see if he can keep up.

“I’ve been doing it because now it has become my mentality. From the start I’m going to throw punches and throw punches and go as hard as I can.”